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10 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Always brilliant. I have always told clients it is difficult to change well rehearsed habits, evolutionary patterns without Self Regulation skills. Keep up the insight.
    May I have your permission to pass this on to unterested parties?

  2. Maia B says:

    Hi Professor Peper, I read your very interesting article on the relationship between Roundup and allergy, immunity, etc.
    In the first paragraph you make this statement: “In rare cases [allergy] may trigger life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) which usually can be resolved by injecting a single dose of epinephrine using an EpiPen®”
    This is wrong!!
    Epinephrine does NOT resolve allergic reaction, it simply makes the body override the allergic reaction for a short period of time, allowing people who are suffering anaphylaxis some time to get emergency care. Other drugs, such as antihistamine and steroids, are required to suppress the reaction while the body metabolizes the allergen; this usually takes many hours and people typically have to stay in the hospital for 8-24 hours to be monitored for their safety.
    It’s not trivial to print something so inaccurate, especially for a Professor and author who people perceive as an expert on the topic being presented. This type of misinformation is dangerous for people who have allergies. It is very important for anyone suffering anaphylaxis to seek immediate emergency care after injecting epinephrine, as the reaction will resume as soon as the epinephrine wears off.
    Please change this in your article.
    Maia B

  3. SMT van der Meer says:

    Dank je wel Erik,
    ik ben nog steeds blij dat ik de cursus bij je hebt gevolgd en dat ik je mailing kan blijven volgen.
    zo leuk om te zien, dat je nog steeds bevlogen je werk doet.
    zo ook deze video, je slaat de spijker op zijn kop.
    Groetjes van Saskia

  4. I am looking to purchase some biofeedback equipment in Germany, perhaps build my own to save money. Any advice is appreciated.

  5. Graça Azevedo says:

    Hi Professor Peper, I am a practitioner in Portugal and I have been asked by some of my clients about Quantum biofeedback. Do you know about this and its relation with our practice? What can I tell my customers? I have found this:

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