Integrative Medicine: NATO’s Task Force Report

North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Task Force Human Factors and Medicine (HFM)-195 has just published the results of their deliberations on integrative medicine interventions for military personal. The findings were published as NATO Special Edition-Integrative Medicine Interventions for Military Personnel in the October 2015 issue of Medical Acupuncture, 27(5). The individual articles range from historical perspectives to analysis of clinical applications of CAM. The individual articles can be downloaded – free of charge – from

The articles point out that the current health care system must adapt and include the utilization of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It is not main stream medicine versus CAM. It is how to integrate the best of both approaches and offer the most effective integrative medicine. The objectives of the report are:

  • To improve health care systems and increase available treatment options for patients.
  • To identify and to evaluate the various countries’ data on the utilization (rationale, frequency, accessibility) of CAM among Military personnel.
  • To learn about the acceptability of CAM by the leadership of Military organizations, and review briefly the current regulatory and legal status of CAM utilization and its implementation.
  • To explore NATO-wide implementation of selected CAM modalities (e.g., acupuncture, meditation/mindfulness programs, movement/yoga, biofeedback), with ongoing analysis of efficacy, cost-effectiveness, suitability, and acceptability.
  • To develop acceptable terminology, regulatory policies, and educational literature.
  • To expand perspectives and understanding of cross cultural initiatives and research project.

Look at the articles in the journal. It is a great resource.

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