Cancer and what you can do. Youtube interviews of Erik Peper, PhD by Larry Berkelhammer, PhD

Erik Peper, Fighting Cancer: A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment

Psychophysiologist Erik Peper, PhD, discusses the book he co-authored with cancer researcher Robert Gorter, MD. He describes a novel, promising, nontoxic treatment for cancer, the results of which, have been quite exciting. In line with the actual pathophysiological process of all disease, these authors view cancer as a failure of the immune system. This is because we all have cancer cells growing in us all the time, but a healthy immune system kills them off before they have a chance to make us sick. Dr. Peper teaches people how to live in such a way as to dramatically reduce the odds of ever getting cancer, and Dr. Gorter is the one who invented the method of curing cancer described in the book. This 3-month treatment, combining a dendritic cell treatment with artificial-induced hyperthermia has evidenced a 40 to 60 percent cure rate.

Erik Peper, Cancer, the Immune System, States of Mind, and Health

This interview points out the power of choice and intention to improve health and well-being. Terms like “have to” are deleterious to our health. According to Dr. Erik Peper: “Health is the ability to make choices.” People who are empowered to recognize choices from moment-to-moment are healthier than fatalistic people and healthier than people who use words like “should” and “have to.”

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  1. mrsportpsych says:

    The BFE Annual Conference offered in-depth scientific presentations (lectures, symposia, paper sessions, and poster) during the scientific program and ongoing education and training in one and two day hands-on clinical and educational workshops (e.g., treatment of ADHD, transforming technostress into technohealth, treatment of sexual disorders, EMG for physical therapy and increased HRV for better health.) The workshops are instructed by internationally recognized clinicians who demonstrate their latest clinical/educational biofeedback treatment approaches. Among the presenters at this year’s conference are Dr. Marek Jantos, Dr. Francois Dupont, Drs. Michael and Lynda Thompson, Dr. Don Moss, Dr. Erik Peper,
    Dr. Howard & Clara Hall

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