Reversing breast cancer with metastasis to the liver: A patient documentary

I never believed that this would be possible. I restarted my life.

Receiving an end stage cancer diagnosis for cancer is overwhelming.  A common factor often overlooked is that our bodies create cancer cells all the time. If the immune system is less competent, then cancer may grow and spread; however, if our immune system is competent then the cancer cells will not develop into cancer and are eliminated. Thus treatment may be enhanced if it also includes supporting the immune system. When patients are treated with such an approach (e.g.,  the Gorter Protocol),  a number of patients with stage 4 cancer have experienced remission. Watch the remarkable documentary in Dutch with English subtitles of Jeannette Hoogervorst who was diagnosed with breast cancer with metastasis to the liver and is now returning to work and life.

The Gorter protocol is described in our book, Fighting Cancer: A non-toxic approach to treatment.


Surviving end-stage liver cancer with the Gorter treatment: A patient’s perspective

Willem Kloosterboer describes his successful recovery of end-stage liver cancer with the Gorter protocol.  The concepts and treatment protocol of this non-invasive treatment with hyperthermia and dendritic cell vaccination is described our book Fighting Cancer: A non-toxic approach to treatment. The short documentary is in Dutch with English subtitles.

Surviving end state cancer

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Additional documentaries from cancer patients sharing their experience as they experienced total remission. All these patients were in the final & last stages of their disease and are now  have lived for years and years cancer free. These patients are followed up every two years.

One of the remarkable documentary is of a boat tour  through the Amsterdam canals with about 50 Dutch patients. These are all people who had stage four terminal cancer are interviewed while on the boat. It is heart warming to hear them say:  “8 years ago I was told to have 2 to 3 months maximum to live and now I am cancer free since years and never thought I could make a boat trip like this at that time”  To see the videos click on the following link:

Cancer and what you can do. Youtube interviews of Erik Peper, PhD by Larry Berkelhammer, PhD

Erik Peper, Fighting Cancer: A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment

Psychophysiologist Erik Peper, PhD, discusses the book he co-authored with cancer researcher Robert Gorter, MD. He describes a novel, promising, nontoxic treatment for cancer, the results of which, have been quite exciting. In line with the actual pathophysiological process of all disease, these authors view cancer as a failure of the immune system. This is because we all have cancer cells growing in us all the time, but a healthy immune system kills them off before they have a chance to make us sick. Dr. Peper teaches people how to live in such a way as to dramatically reduce the odds of ever getting cancer, and Dr. Gorter is the one who invented the method of curing cancer described in the book. This 3-month treatment, combining a dendritic cell treatment with artificial-induced hyperthermia has evidenced a 40 to 60 percent cure rate.

Erik Peper, Cancer, the Immune System, States of Mind, and Health

This interview points out the power of choice and intention to improve health and well-being. Terms like “have to” are deleterious to our health. According to Dr. Erik Peper: “Health is the ability to make choices.” People who are empowered to recognize choices from moment-to-moment are healthier than fatalistic people and healthier than people who use words like “should” and “have to.”

Nontoxic cancer treatment: Conversation between Emmett Miller, MD and Erik Peper, PhD

Listen to the conversation between Erik Peper, PhD and Emmett Miller, MD recorded January 7, 2012.

We will explore some of the powerful ideas from his latest book, Fighting Cancer: A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment, written with Robert Gorter, MD. The model presented here is science based, and appears to be effective, humane, nontoxic, and stunningly successful for a wide range of cancers. Supporting the immune system to fight cancer from within is critical to complete care for the patient, and Fighting Cancer encourages millions to take action and restore hope.”

If you, your patients, or any of those you love are dealing with cancer, this is an excellent opportunity for discovery, and to enjoy Dr. Peper’s always spellbinding presentation. If you haven’t yet encountered cancer in your life or community, this is an excellent way to prepare to deal wisely with its challenges. In addition, we explore some of the latest discoveries in biofeedback and tools for self-healing.

In a world where our health care system is actually a “sick-care” system that requires us to be ill in order to function Dr. Peper focuses on the inner potential we all have to respond to disease and illness.

To listen to this conversion, click on this link conversation between  Erik Peper, PhD and Emmett Miller, MD