Biofeedback, posture and breath: Tools for health

Two recent presentations that that provide concepts and pragmatic skills to improve health and well being.  

How changing your breathing and posture can change your life.

In-depth podcast in which Dr. Abby Metcalf, producer of Relationships made easy, interviews Dr. Erik Peper.  He discusses how changing your posture and how you breathe may result in major improvement with issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, chronic pain, and even insomnia! In the presentation he explain how this works and shares practical tools to make the changes you want in your life.

How to cope with TechStress

A wide ranging discussing between Dr. Russel Jaffe and Dr Erik that explores the power of biofeedback, self-healing strategies and how to cope with tech-stress.

These concepts are also explored in the book, TechStress-How Technology is Hijacking our Lives, Strategies for Coping and Pragmatic Ergonomics.  You may find this book useful as we spend so much time working online. The book describes the impacts personal technology on our physical and emotional well-being. More importantly, “Tech Stress” provides all of the basic tools to be able not only to survive in this new world but also thrive in it.

Additiona resources:

Gonzalez, D. (2022). Ways to improve your posture at home.

2 Comments on “Biofeedback, posture and breath: Tools for health”

  1. Cynthia Chang says:

    Thank you Erik, happy holidays..abundant love and blessings

  2. sckrippner says:

    Hello Erik I am trying to find an incident from ancient Greek literature. A nobleman remarried a comely lass, and brought her home. But soon after the marriage, his son fell ill with a rash. The family physician suspected that the lad was in love with his new stepmother. So the physician monitored the young man, noting that his rash got worse whenever the stepmother came in contact with him. Of course she was not being overly seductive, but she was very beautiful. The physician had the husband observe the same phenomenon, and he sadly send his new wife packing. Does that ring a bell? Stan

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